GER, IR, 2022 - 19:50'

Full HD color, 21:9, Sound

English, Farsi

Subtitles in German, English, Farsi


Xposed Queer Film Festival, Berlin, 2023

Arche Film Festival, Berlin, 2023

Fluctoplasma, Hamburg, 2022

Grrl Haus Cinema, Berlin, 2022

Altonale, Hamburg, 2022

LA Underground Film Forum - Honorable Mentions, 2022


For Roya (farsi "dream, vision"), Zeeba uses video footage from her* first and at the same time very last trip back to Iran after she* had to leave the country in the 1990s. Zeeba constructs a half-documentary, half-fictional narrative that multi-voicedly reflects on the concepts of belonging and upheaval with desires, dreams, and dissolved self-constructions. Roya is an Essayfilm that deals with the exoticizing gaze of a Western audience. The explanatory comma plays an important role: To whom do I tell my story, to whom is it addressed? What role do memories play in artistic image production?  The film operates through opening up different modes of relationality ("Beziehungsweisen") between narration and experiential space. Thus, the narrative voice addresses different readings of Ornament and Orientalism in a Western context, addressing the audience directly and, in doing so, engages in an intimate conversation about localizations of queer belonging, politics of image production, the body, and the associated storytelling in direct address to the audience.




Director: Rosh Zeeba

DoP: Diana Sanchez, Rosh Zeeba

With: Parichehr Bijani, Babak Radmehr, Familie Sharif,, Xenia Ende, Rosh Zeeba

Edit, Art Direction: Rosh Zeeba 

Sound: Edis Ludwig


Sponsored by MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig Holstein, HfbK Hamburg, Haus Of Xhaos


"I am Her"

I am Her

Directed by Rosh Zeeba

12:36 Min, HD color, 16:9, Sound, GER, 2018


Editing: Roya Bigane, Rosh Zeeba

Art Direction: Rosh Zeeba

Sound by Edis Ludwig, ST Kirchhof

This film was made possible by Hamburger Filmförderung, Haus Of Xhaos and HfbK, Hamburg



The film echoes a choir of different female read characters from mythology, fiction and theory. I aim to create a visual imagery that interacts with discomfort (deutsch. Unbehagen) and that shifts positions and rhythms and yet shows imagery and signs that are recognizable.

My imagery consists of my personal archive material that I have filmed and collected: Queer and female/femme sexuality, drag personas, close ups of organic forms, allocated landscapes, footage of female characters in oriental and middle eastern black and white films. The aim is to create a shifted space and to turn hegemonial validities upside down.


Blicke Filmfestival des Ruhrgebiets (2018), Bochum, GER

Balkan Can Kino, Athen 2018, GRC

Flimmerfest 2019, Hamburg,GER

Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival 2020, GRC




1- Channel Video Work by Rosh Zeeba

03:45' Loop, HD color, 16:9, Sound, Iran, 2015


"Remember Me As A Funny Clown"


Remember Me As A Funny Clown

Directed by Rosh Zeeba

09:56 Min, HD color, 16:9, Sound, GER, 2018

Editing: Rosh Zeeba

Sound: Rosh Zeeba, Katastrophia 


Denkodrom, Oberhausen, 2018

Sommerfest Gängeviertel, Hamburg, 2018